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In 2017, I commenced my professional journey at UPS Worldport as a night-shift Administrative Assistant within the operations domain. This role persisted for a span of three years, concurrent with my pursuit of higher education. Subsequently, during my senior year, I secured a co-op position, marking a pivotal transition in my career trajectory. Following [... Read More]

Wilderness Louisville

In conjunction with my coursework at the University of Louisville, I actively participated in conducting a thorough systems analysis of the Wilderness Louisville website and contributed to the conceptualization of a new design. Wilderness Louisville, a non-profit organization based in Louisville, Kentucky, oversees the management of Jefferson Memorial Forest and various other parks in [... Read More]

Cameron Abell is the website you are currently on. This website was started in 2016 as a way to display my portfolio and to promote myself professionally. I am currently using Wordpress along with a plugin called Avada to create and run the site. Over the years I have made some [... Read More]

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