Project Description

Screenshot of the Wilderness Louisville website

In conjunction with my coursework at the University of Louisville, I actively participated in conducting a thorough systems analysis of the Wilderness Louisville website and contributed to the conceptualization of a new design. Wilderness Louisville, a non-profit organization based in Louisville, Kentucky, oversees the management of Jefferson Memorial Forest and various other parks in the Louisville vicinity. Additionally, they oversee the ECHO initiative (Engaging Children Outdoors), a grant-funded endeavor focused on enhancing equitable access to outdoor education and recreation for youth and families in Louisville. I am profoundly appreciative of the opportunity to lend my assistance to such a commendable organization.

Wilderness Louisville has faced challenges in maintaining a robust online presence in recent years, prompting their request for assistance from the University of Louisville. Throughout the Fall 2020 semester, our class conducted an in-depth analysis of their website and maintained continuous communication with the organization, ultimately devising a comprehensive plan and design for the site.

During the Spring 2020 semester, our team emerged as the victors in the competition to design and implement the Wilderness Louisville website, solidifying its status as the organization’s official online platform. Utilizing WordPress and Avada, alongside integrating various third-party plugins, the website underwent a meticulous custom design process led by me, spanning approximately six months for its creation from the ground up.

In my capacity as the team lead throughout this project, I maintained close collaboration with the Wilderness Louisville board, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their requirements and effectively prioritizing these needs. This encompassed overseeing all project aspects, including scheduling meetings, formulating the Statement of Work, conceptualizing design wireframes and mockups, conducting thorough research on pertinent plugins and systems, delivering presentations and demonstrations, ensuring team cohesion and progress, and managing other pivotal project-related tasks.

Following the semester’s conclusion, I assumed sole responsibility for seamlessly transitioning our conceptualized website to its designated official server and domain. Subsequently, I have upheld ongoing communication with the board and provided invaluable assistance in executing security updates, improvements, and addressing any encountered bugs to optimize the website’s performance and security.

In summary, our efforts culminated in the successful development and deployment of a website that now stands as the embodiment of Wilderness Louisville’s online presence, further reinforcing their mission and outreach capabilities.

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