Project Description

In 2017, I commenced my professional journey at UPS Worldport as a night-shift Administrative Assistant within the operations domain. This role persisted for a span of three years, concurrent with my pursuit of higher education. Subsequently, during my senior year, I secured a co-op position, marking a pivotal transition in my career trajectory. Following the successful completion of two consecutive co-op assignments, I was extended an offer for a full-time position as a Software Engineer.

In my present capacity, I am an integral member of a proficient team tasked with the development of a web application utilizing the Angular/C#.NET tech stack. This application constitutes a critical component of the broader Transportation Management System, aimed at modernizing antiquated legacy applications with a tenure exceeding two decades. Our specific application serves as the linchpin of operations, widely employed by UPS package centers and shipping facilities globally, numbering over 400.

Throughout the course of this initiative, I have assumed a central role, spearheading numerous significant features, security enhancements, performance optimizations, and multifaceted refactoring endeavors, inclusive of pivotal architectural modifications. Additionally, I have actively contributed to the seamless integration and training of various interns, co-ops, and seasoned developers. Recognized for my proficient grasp of Angular and intricate knowledge of the system, colleagues across the organization often seek my guidance.

My tenure at UPS has profoundly influenced my professional growth, both as a Software Engineer and as a leader, substantiating the organization’s pivotal role in shaping my trajectory within the technology realm.