Hi, I’m Cameron. Since beginning my journey as a web applications development student 3 years ago, I’ve designed and coded dozens of beautifully simple websites for personal and business use. I prefer to keep learning, continue challenging myself, and do interesting things that matter. My passion and abundant energy fuels me in the pursuit of many interests, hobbies, studies and artistic endeavors. I’m a fast learner, able to pick up new skills and juggle different projects and roles with relative ease.

I currently attend the University of Louisville full-time while working as a Business Systems Analyst at UPS. Outside of my commitments I work with a select freelance client base. Feel free to get in touch by any means of communication.




Things I design:
UX, UI, Web, Mobile, Logos, Graphics, Apps

Design Tools:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD
Microsoft Visio


Languages I’ve Used:
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, XML, jQuery, SQL, PHP, Swift, C# .NET

Dev Tools:
Microsoft Azure DevOps Server
Microsoft Visual Studio
MySQL Server
Adobe Dreamweaver
ThemeFusion Avada


Cool Timeline

October 26 2020

UPS (2020-Present)

Business Systems Analyst Co-Op

  • Currently playing a pivotal role in developing a high-profile project that is expected to completely transform UPS ground transportation.
  • Schedules and conducts scrum style meetings with an application development team.
  • Communicates with upper management and the development team, interpreting technical information into business terms while giving input and suggestions.
  • Interprets business requirements into technical terms and user stories for the development team to understand.
  • Helps investigate and track down bugs within the system or issues within the data, suggesting fixes along the way.
August 17 2020

Wilderness Louisville (2020-Present)

Wilderness Louisville Website Prototype


Along with my class at UofL, I have helped run a systems analysis on Wilderness Louisville’s website, as well as help come up with a new design. Wilderness Louisville is a non-profit based in Louisville, KY that manages Jefferson Memorial Forest as well as other parks around the Louisville area. They also manage the ECHO initiative (Louisville is Engaging Children Outdoors), which is a grant-funded outdoor education and recreation initiative that is focused on improving equitable access to the outdoors for Louisville youth and families. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to help out with such a great organization.

Unfortunately, Wilderness Louisville has struggled maintaining an online presence over the last few years and has asked UofL for help. Over the Fall 2020 semester, my class has done some analysis on the website and been in constant communication with the organization as we came up with a new plan and design for the site. The Spring 2020 semester is when we will actually get to implement this plan.

Personally, I’ve been in close contact with Wilderness Louisville and plan to continue volunteering for them once the website is complete, to help them maintain it.

March 14 2016

CameronAbell.com (2016-Present)

Cameron Abell Portfolio Website

Designer | Developer

CameronAbell.com (cpabell.com) is the website you are currently on. This website was started in 2016 as a way to display my portfolio and to promote myself. I am currently using WordPress along with a plugin called Avada to create and run the site. I try to keep it updated along my career journey, however, school and work often keep me busy. Check out my blog or social media to stay updated!

September 26 2012

PUR3craft.com (2012-2013)

PUR3craft Website

Designer | Developer

PUR3craft.com was a website I made during early days of Minecraft, when it first blew up. This was a static website made entirely in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It’s purpose was to host my custom Minecraft modpack client and server. Here, people could come to learn about my modpack, download, and try it out for themselves. Although it was short lived, this website was a blast to create from complete scratch. I ended up shutting it down sometime in 2013 when the Minecraft craze started to wear off.

March 14 2011

PUR3PRO.com (2011-2014)

PUR3PRO Website

Designer | Developer

My second website, PUR3PRO.com, was built as a video gaming community for all my friends. It was powered by Invision Power Board and featured a CMS, forums, a video management tool (similar to YouTube), a live chat, as well as a tournaments tool (similar to Gamebattles.com).

The community grew to over 100 people and stayed pretty active. People could create accounts, add and chat with friends, create groups or clubs, make posts in the forums, upload videos, and even join and play in tournaments. This has been by far one of my favorite and most fun projects I’ve done. However, I was unable to balance school, work, and the website so I had to give it up. I officially shut it down before graduating high school in the Spring of 2014.

March 14 2008

Emitition.com (2008-2011)

Emitition Studios Website

Designer | Developer

Emitition.com was a website I made using vBulletin for my very first YouTube channel, Emitition Studios. The website featured CMS and forums as well as a small download section where users could come, interact with content related to my YouTube channel, as well as download things mentioned in my videos. The website and YouTube channel focused on content related to video gaming and technology. My YouTube channel gradually shifted away from tech and more into gaming, where I eventually rebranded into PUR3PRO and went full into gaming. This led to the shut down of Emitition.com and to the start of my next major project, PUR3PRO.com.

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